Top 10 Security Guard Companies

Top 10 Security Guard Companies

Security guards protect people and businesses. In a time of many security threats, security services are more necessary than ever. Security guard firms provide peace of mind to small and large businesses. In this blog, we will discuss the America’s Top 10 Security Guard Companies.

List of Top 10 Security Guard Companies in California

Allied Universal Security Services

North America’s largest security company is Allied Universal. Its physical security systems and customer service are well-known. Allied Universal Security Services provides integrated security, manned guarding, and remote monitoring for airports, healthcare, retail, and commercial real estate.

G4S Secure Solutions

G4S Secure Solutions is a global security guard leader. Customized security solutions are the company’s specialty. It offers remote monitoring, risk consulting, and manned guarding. The organization has provided customized security solutions to financial institutions, government agencies, and logistical companies.

Securitas Security Services USA

Securitas Security Services USA has a diverse clientele in healthcare, aviation, and maritime. The company provides manned guarding, mobile patrols, and remote command centers at over 100 US locations. Securitas Security Services USA excels in security risk management, customer service, and technology.

Champion National Security

Champion National Security provides excellent retail, industrial, commercial, and residential protection. The organization offers access control, manned guarding, and mobile patrols. Champion National Security offers cutting-edge security systems and excellent customer service.

American Corporate Security

American Corporate Security, a top security guard firm, serves education, healthcare, government, and entertainment clients. The organization provides executive protection, event security, and risk assessments. American Corporate Security is known for providing customized security services.

Inter-Con Security Systems

Inter-Con Security Systems offers many security services to meet today’s security risks. The company provides executive protection, armed and unarmed security, and training. Inter-Con Security Systems has provided top-notch protection services to transportation, healthcare, and energy companies.

Guardsmark Security

Guardsmark Security is a top US security firm. The company provides access control, alarm monitoring, and security risk assessments. Guardsmark Security has vast experience providing security services to clients in many industries.

Andrews International

Andrews International is a world-class security guard company California with a presence in over 50 countries worldwide. The company offers a broad range of security services, including risk assessments, threat intelligence, and mobile patrols. Andrews International is renowned for its specialized security services, targeting the specific security requirements of each client.

CPS Security Solutions

CPS Security Solutions is a well-established security guard company CA with expertise in delivering security services to diverse industries, including healthcare, residential, and commercial properties. The company provides a range of security solutions, including manned guarding, video surveillance, and remote monitoring. CPS Security Solutions is recognized for its state-of-the-art security technology and superior customer service.

First Security Services

First Security Services provides first-class security services to clients across different industries, such as hospitality, construction, and education. The company’s offerings include access control, mobile patrols, and armed guarding. First Security Services is known for its cost-effective security solutions that integrate traditional and modern security technologies.


In this blog, we explored the top 10 security guard companies in the USA. Top 10 Security Guard Companies in Los Angeles, California.These companies have earned the trust and reputation for their exceptional security services, cutting-edge technology, and personalized customer service. If your organization requires robust security solutions, partnering with one of these security guard company California will be an excellent investment to ensure the safety and security of your premises, employees, and assets.

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