What Is a Fire Watch Security Guard?

What Is a Fire Watch Security Guard?

A fire watch security guard is an individual hired to provide security services and also to help prevent or detect any type of arson or other fire-related emergencies. This type of security service is typically provided by armed or unarmed personnel, depending on the requirements set forth by the company or institution hiring them. Fire watch security guards are critical in helping protect property and life from the dangers of fires and other emergency situations.

Types of Fire Watch Security Guards

Unarmed Guards: Unarmed guards are those who do not carry firearms while on duty. They may be able to use various non-lethal methods such as pepper spray or stun guns in order to restrain any potential suspects. These types of guards are often used when it is not deemed necessary for someone to be armed with a firearm due to their job site location and the threats present in the area.

Armed Guards

Armed guards are those that carry a firearm while on duty, either concealed or openly visible. This type of guard is usually assigned to more dangerous locations where a greater amount of force may be necessary for protection against certain threats. Firearm training must be completed before working as an armed security guards, as safety protocols must be strictly followed at all times.

General Duties & Responsibilities

Monitor entrances and exits

The first responsibility of a fire watch security guard is to monitor all entrances and exits within their designated area, ensuring that no unauthorized persons enter or leave without permission. Furthermore, they should be aware of any suspicious activity occurring around these areas that could indicate potential criminal activity or arson attempts. Additionally, they must ensure that proper protocol regarding access control is being followed at all times, including maintaining physical barriers such as locks and gates if necessary.

Perform patrols

A fire watch security guard must regularly patrol their designated area in order to detect any possible signs of arson or other emergencies. During these patrols they should also inspect buildings for fire hazards such as blocked exits/entrances, combustible materials left unattended, faulty wiring, etc., noting down any issues found so that they can be addressed promptly upon further investigation. Additionally, they should remain alert for any suspicious activity taking place around the premises during their patrols in order to report it immediately to higher authorities.

Respond promptly to emergencies

In case an emergency does occur (e.g., arson attempt), the fire watch security guard must respond quickly and accurately by following proper protocols established by their employer in order to help prevent further damage from occurring due to the incident. This may involve rallying additional staff members for support if needed, providing medical aid if required, evacuating people from danger zones safely, etc., depending on the nature of the situation at hand. Furthermore, they must be able to provide accurate reports of the incident afterward in order to help prevent similar instances from occurring in the future.

Safety regulations

Finally, a fire watch security guard must be aware of all relevant safety regulations and ensure that they are being followed by staff and visitors alike. This may involve regularly inspecting fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, sprinkler systems, etc., ensuring their proper functioning at all times. They should also keep an eye out for any negligence

Monitor fire safety equipment

Lastly, a fire watch security guard must also periodically inspect and maintain all relevant fire safety equipment on site (e.g., smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, sprinklers, etc.), ensuring that they are in proper working order at all times. Furthermore, they should also be aware of any necessary replacements or repairs needed for these items and inform the appropriate personnel accordingly so that they can take action immediately.

Fire watch security guards play a crucial part in the protection of property and life from a variety of risks related to fire hazards and other emergencies that could occur anywhere within their specified regions at any moment without prior warning. Therefore they must ensure that they remain on alert at all times while performing their duties diligently so that they can adequately fulfill their responsibilities when called upon during emergencies. Fire safety and security guards should receive the necessary fire drill training.